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Our courses are designed to give you the specific knowledge you need to install and commission our door entry systems quickly and efficiently. Our comprehensive courses cover all aspects of system design, including installation, configuration and commissioning. You will learn the concepts and techniques required to get the most out of our systems. Our training will also enable you to maximize your use of time during the installation process. Different systems require different approaches to training. Depending on experience and technologies, our training courses are designed to cater for individuals experienced with door entry.
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Sep 29th 2017 09:00 AM
Adi Manhattan, 253 West 28th, Manhattan, NY. 10001


Aug 24th 2017 
System: HFX
Products: HFX-700,720,900

Aug 25th 2017 
System: HFX
Products: HFX-7000,8000,9000

Sep 28th 2017 
System: SimpleBus 2
Products: Product overview

Sep 29th 2017 
System: Simplebus2
Products: Wiring / Programming

Oct 26th 2017 
System: VIP System
Products: Product overview

Oct 27th 2017 
System: VIP System
Products: VIP manager and KIT programming

Nov 30th 2017 
System: Visto
Products: Dealer program / product  setup

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