Corporate | 24 October 2018

Comelit VISTO and home security

Knock, Knock.  Who’s There?
Home security is increasingly a tech priority. While personal security, whether facial identification or encryption, has become a greater part of everyday life, we are more than happy to give out our details on dozens of apps for our drop-offs and deliveries.

With so many packages and services now coming straight to our door, keeping our home secure and safe is becoming a major visual necessity. Here, Francesca Boeris, Managing Director Comelit UK, shows how video doorbells created by the security experts are presenting an extra level peace of mind.

The Internet of Things is here, it’s growing fast and the smart home sits right at its heart.

As the consumer audience moves from early adopters to mass-market buyers, there is a clear shift in thriving on being in with the ‘cool’ and ‘new’ gang, to focussing intently on building long-term viability and trust in the minds of our audience, the homeowner.

With this in mind, Tech companies have been pushing to innovate in the connected home CCTV camera space to appease customers with smart solutions.

Yet, security companies have also been working been working hard from a different perspective; to help homeowners with a known comfort at listening to an alarm set before leaving a house or establishing the ‘clunk’ of the traditional key, to achieve security assurances, even with the newer, integrated and smart solutions available.

Combatting Crime

One element of this is today’s smart doorbells, available from many different sources. Each come with a combination of everything from live video streaming to Wi-Fi-enabled apps, two-way communication, and home automation compatibility.

So important to the delivery of home security, in an environment with media has highlighted the consequences of budget constraints on Police Forces, Neighbourhood Watch Teams are calling on homeowners with effective CCTV or doorbell video cameras to join teams, or ‘watches’ and assist in combatting crime.

As a recent ‘Online Watch Link,’ partnering with Neighbourhood Watch for the Hertfordshire Constabulary Police highlighted:

As you can imagine, timeliness is key if we are to arrest suspects quickly.  Creating these new watches will help us create a map across the district of where we can locate these facilities.

 “The investigation teams can then access the OWL (Online Watch Link) system and contact the owner immediately without the need to carry out a survey of roads or adjoining roads, thus saving valuable time in the investigation process.”

Comelit Visto

Enter Visto; the stylish new video doorbell from Comelit that presents smart security capability on a 24 / 7 basis, offering homeowners total peace of mind without compromising home aesthetics.

Visto connects via a home WiFi network to allow homeowners to see, hear and speak with visitors at any time.  Or indeed from any location, even if countries apart, via their smart phone or tablet and Comelit’s dedicated app technology.

The difference with Visto, compared to its competition is explained by Comelit’s Operations Manager, Justin Hawkesford: “Comelit’s entry with Visto, comes as an architect inspired stylish solution for discerning homeowners who want the best of both worlds; in added protection without affecting the aesthetics of their home. 

 “We have also been very careful in designing Visto to fit around busy homeowner’s lives, right down to the testing of the push button, ensuring both the product itself and its accompanying app are easy to install and use in everyday life. Our ambition is Visto becomes second nature to homeowners, ensuring the security of their home and their family at all times.

Stylish Solutions

There are currently two core product options in Visto’s range, including Visto Wifi, which draws power from two wires that would ordinarily be used for a standard doorbell to function.  Alternatively, Visto 2 presents a truly hard-wired solution for homeowners where WiFi strength is an issue.

Visto is presented as default in Dark Graphite but also available with optional covers in Silver Mist and Cloud White.  With a range of product options and accessories, including a specialist internal camera option, Visto has solutions to match homeowner’s requirements.

In summary, home security is a vital part of the smart home solution and is already a very competitive market; with big players offering ‘ground-breaking’ technologically advanced solutions.  Yet its vision faces many challenges, not least that consumers need to be convinced of its true security.

With this in mind, for every element of the integrated smart home, product designers must take more of a complex role than offering technological novelty and simple control functions.  Especially with the growing reliance from organisations, including Police networks, operating to help us feel more secure.

Comelit’s Visto video doorbell and associated mobile app technology provides, without compromising on assurance or ease of use.  It is one element to create a smart home that can deliver on integrated solutions incorporating security, as well as control, real time data and connectivity, all for total homeowner peace of mind.

For more information on Visto alongside the complete product range and availability through a professional installer network, please visit

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