Corporate | 24 October 2018

IFSEC Global Fire: interview with Fire Manager Comelit UK

Following an impressive launch into fire at IFSEC 2018, Comelit Group’s new Fire Manager, Colin Smith talks exclusively to IFSEC Global about his role and expectations for the division.

How was the launch at IFSEC?         
 IFSEC was the perfect platform for Comelit to demonstrate how it has successfully navigated the journey from being leaders in door entry to embracing fire detection services, with the aim to create a connected future.
We received a great reaction from the industry, from both new and existing customers alike.  We’re already in the process of following up the extensive enquiries we received, with many being for live projects that are able to utilise our resources.

Why is it that Comelit chose now to enter the fire market?        
It’s simple, because of market demand.
The fire industry is facing significant changes, especially following the tragic events of Grenfell Tower, together with the introduction of formal qualifications by the FIA and the continuing Brexit negotiations.
This is coupled with our customers having to understand the effects of GDPR legislation and data protection, all with an aim to provide safer, secure and more useable functionality whilst still accommodating requirements for compliance and efficiency across different sectors.
Many of these key changes are developing around technology and the evolution of what can be delivered.
Overall, we are increasingly living in a far more connected and online environment, where speed of data and the cause and effect on how to manage situations is becoming faster and simpler to analyse a situation, and required on an instant basis. With all this in mind, from a fire, security, data and entertainment stance, clients expect more, they do more research and they know what they are trying to achieve.
They want to choose a partner that can provide integrated, all-encompassing bespoke solutions and achieve compliance as standard.  This is also why it was important that one of my very first priorities at Comelit was to ensure we became members of the FIA – to showcase our highest commitment to the sector.
Overall, Comelit carefully planned its launch into Fire, to complement its renowned security portfolio and it’s proven successful across Europe and choose products and services that could instantly have an impact.

So tell us more about the products and services available?   
 Comelit now presents a range of specialist fire solutions, including conventional systems which are particularly suited to fire detection in smaller facilities and buildings with simple layouts.
Addressable panels can identify the precise location of a fire and are suitable for facilities of all types, residential and commercial.
These panels include features such as 10,000 event log, 250 devices per loop, up to 32 panel networkable and touchscreen control.
Both Comelit’s ATENA and ERACLE ranges feature, smoke, heat and multi-sensor detectors as well as IP rated devices including sounders and callpoints.
We also present ATEX systems that can be used in reference to zones where there is risk of explosion due to the nature of atmosphere and the elements it may contain.  And each system comes with accessories to complete installations.
Even with just these initial offerings (and there are further innovative products in the pipeline coming very soon,) Comelit shows its commitment to offering solutions to accommodate all property requirements.
And to support the installer, we have a full suite of calculation tools for our ATENA addressable systems for both loop loading and battery standby calculations that can help to identify  possible issues prior to installation.  All signs that we want to work in partnership with our customers to ensure manufacture, design and install is a smooth operation.

And these products and services are all available now? 

So why should a customer choose Comelit over your competition?
Comelit Group is known worldwide as a leading Italian door entry manufacturer, known for its high specification solutions. The company applied the same dedication to style of the fire systems and it has already proven successful across Europe.
And like our door entry solutions, the success of the fire division will run much deeper than aesthetics.  Our aim is to make an instant impact and really get involved with the industry.
Again, returning to joining the FIA, my reason for doing so was to ensure we belonged to the largest fire protection trade association in the UK and align with an industry that can set industry best practice, shape standards and influence legislation.
To customers, it demonstrates we are staying true to our roots of security without compromising style and they can expect the same dedicated level of service from initial design to project completion.
But more than that, we can show to new and existing customers, we are constantly adjusting and staying current with compliance, technology and social developments that are intrinsically woven into our daily lives.  All with no compromise on quality, credibility or a commitment to raising industry standards.

So where can we expect to see Comelit Fire products installed?
We are working through the impressive number of contacts we spoke to at IFSEC Global, so naturally we don’t want to give anything away.  We are equally excited about the number of distribution partners who want to take on our products, recognising their distinctive credentials in a competitive market.

What’s next for Comelit? 
Comelit Group is never one to stand still.  As Comelit UK’s Managing Director Francesca Boeris highlighted in a recent interview, we will continue to evolve as a company and invest in research and development.
Alongside the new fire division, we also used IFSEC to launch WiFi enabled monitors that operate with Comelit’s free downloable app.  This clever product ensures our network of installers can meet the needs of the increasingly discerning customer
And we recently officially unveiled Visto, our stylish new video doorbell presents smart security capability on a 24 / 7 basis. It connects via a home WiFi network to allow homeowners to see, hear and speak with visitors at any time, from any location, using the Visto’s dedicated APP.

What these products demonstrate, alongside our new Fire product range, is Comelit’s continued commitment to design, in how our products operate and evolve, to how they look and feel.


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