A designed system conforms to any site

Do you live in a single home or in a multi-tenant building? Or even worse, have you got a commercial space?
Don’t worry! Comelit finds always the right solution making any area safe.
Thanks to the innovative technology, Comelit video entry systems are adaptable to each site: no limits of distance or dimension of space.
In order to answer to all your needs, Comelit offers a specialized assistance composed by professionals who will support you from the choice of the design to the final completion and get your project done.

Single User Residential: your home, connected to your smartphone

Your home is where you should feel the safest. Be sure to see who is ringing at your door with the advanced Comelit products: from the simple doorbell to the most modern video entry systems provided with Wi-Fi.
With Comelit App, free for iOS and Android, you can comfortably answer your door entry monitor calls whether you are at home or away.

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Multi-tenant buildings: different application, same opportunities

Thanks to the extensive modularity of our products, Comelit provides solutions also for multi-tenant buildings. Our door entry systems are customizable to countless number of users. Moreover, our door entry solution Multi-User Gateway revolutionizes the old multi-tenant door entry access and allows also people who live in multi-tenant buildings to answer calls from the main door on their smartphone or tablet with Comelit App.

Make your chose easier: just in one box, all the keep needed to make an installation

Safety at first, also in Commercial spaces

Employees expect safety at work place. Cumosters expect safety doing shopping or parking their cars, too. In order to help you ensuring a sense of security in your area, Comelit provides intelligent solutions also for commercial spaces: from Emergency and Help point range to PC application and video intercom stations.

Emergency calls, just pushing one button

Keep an eye on your shop

Answer calls immediately on your Pc application