Comelit Multi User Gateway

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Answer wherever you are

The Multi-User Gateway (MUG) is a revolutionary door entry solution which will change the way you think of Multi-tenant door entry access.
It is time to finally step forward from antiquated telephone only door entry systems and be able to answer calls from the main door on your smartphone or tablet with full video communication with our Comelit App.

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Who is at the door? 3 ways to answer

From your internal video unit


From landline or GSM phone


From smartphone or tablet


Giving access to your guests has never been so EASY!

Do you have guests and don’t want them to ring you one after the other?
Are you away from home and cannot answer the dog sitter?
Generate for your visitors a temporary access code!


Generate a new code from the Comelit App


Random code with definition of validity period using date range, time range and days of the week


Share the virtual PIN using the most popular mobile apps (Whatsapp, Mail, … )

Easy for guests

It’s enough typing the code on the entrance panel keypad, no app required

System requirements: Multi-user gateway (art. 1456B with firmware version up to 2.2)/External unit: 4682HD with 3360B or 3360BM, 3454HD/A, 3454HD or 3452HD

Comelit App

The Comelit App allows your video entry systems to be managed remotely by smartphones and/or tablets connected to mobile networks or wi-fi outside of your building.
It is possible to respond to calls from the entry station, make intercom calls, view recorded videos of the entry station and control the opening of gates and doors.
The Comelit App is available free of charge for iOS and Android devices.

Answer calls wherever you are

Anyone trying to contact you via your video entrance panel will be able to get hold of you

Intercom calls

You can call all the door entry monitors in you list of contacts

Push Notification

The app will only activate on call with remarkable energy savings and data

View video entry phone calls

View videos recorded from outdoor door entry monitors and camers (video memory)

Control generic actuators

Control actuators to manage lights, gates and barriers

View video surveillance cameras

If you have opted for integration with the video surveillance system, you can check the cameras

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