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Comelit sustainability

Having sustainability in all its aspects – economic, social and environmental – as a main pillar of the company’s strategy is for Comelit a distinctive identity element and a commitment expressed through daily and practical choices. Always attentive to this issue, Comelit is determined to contribute to the well-being of its people and the communities in which it operates, as well as being committed to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable practices, both within the company and the society as a whole, to ensure a sustainable future for generations to come.


For these reasons, Comelit chose to draw up its first Sustainability Report through a participatory method, which involved the entire Group, as well as external industry experts.

“It is a document that offers an objective snapshot of the results we have achieved so far, but above all, it traces a path toward the new goals we are committed to, in a perspective of continuous improvement that belongs to our way of being and operating. We are more than aware that the sustainable development is the real challenge of the present, to which we are all called,” says CEO and Managing Director, Edoardo Barzasi.


The path has been coordinated by the Sustainability Committee, whose aim was to define the strategic guidelines intended to integrate sustainability in Comelit’s business and guide the company’s operations for the next three years. Drawn up based on the Global Reporting Initiative Standard (GRI Standard), the most solid and widespread European reporting standards – the Sustainability Report deepens and represents the main environmental, social and governance aspects and indicators, but also the features of the business model, emphasizing the centrality that people play in Comelit’s value system, summed up by the company promise “With You. Always”.


The actions towards human and economic resources that the company carries out to foster its development in relations with customers and suppliers, in the management of issues related to information security systems and data management, in innovation, research and product development and in customer centrality.


For Comelit, putting employees at the center of its goals means a commitment to their training, safety and well-being. A declination of sustainability in the “social” sphere that also fosters cohesion with its communities of reference.


All the activities aimed at fostering the proper use of environmental resources, pollution prevention and waste management. Goals include increasing the use of renewable energy, reducing packaging and the already begun reorganization of logistics, using warehouses in easily accessible areas, to reduce CO2 emissions.