Control your Comelit devices with Amazon Alexa

Do you have Amazon Alexa and a Comelit home automation system with a Comelit Hub? You don’t need anything else to control your devices with your voice; you can integrate your Amazon Alexa into the Comelit home automation system in a few simple steps, without the help of a professional.

Before you begin: to integrate Amazon Alexa into your home automation system, first you must have configured the system correctly in the Comelit App. For further information click here.


1. Update the Comelit app to the latest available version (4.1.11) and pair your Comelit Hub with the username under which you are registered on the Comelit App (Caution: Comelit Hub should be updated to version 1.2.0 or higher).

2. Download the Amazon Alexa app and enable the Comelit Home skill

3. Explore all the commands you can use to control your home automation system

4. Configure the video entry functions

1. Pair your Comelit Hub with the username under which you are registered on the Comelit app

After updating, the first time you access it you will see a pop-up advising you that Comelit Hub is now compatible with Amazon Alexa; click ENABLE.

2. Download the Amazon Alexa app* and enable the Comelit Home skill

Enter the Amazon Alexa app and select “Skills and games” from the menu

*For any information about the Amazon Alexa app we suggest you to consult the dedicated manual.

Select the magnifying glass and search for the Comelit Home skill

Select the Comelit Home skill and enable it for use; to enable it you will need to enter the credentials you use to access the Comelit App.

Once you have entered the credentials, a message confirming connection will appear. On closing this screen a new one will open; click “Discover Devices” and you will be able to see all Comelit home automation devices.

Shown below are several screen examples for devices you could control using Amazon Alexa:

3. Which commands can you use?

* the name of the device to control is shown in inverted commas (“..”). The name of the device can be changed directly via the Alexa App; we recommend you consult the dedicated manual for additional information. CAUTION: if the name of the device is changed via the Alexa App, the descriptions on the Comelit system managers and on the Comelit App will not be changed, but instead will remain the same as when they were set during configuration.

4. How to enable video entry notifications: search your devices for the door entry monitor outside the home (the name depends on the name given to the external door entry monitor during installation), enter the settings and enable “Doorbell press”. Amazon Alexa will now directly send you the information that someone has rung your doorbell.

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