The SMART series

Video surveillance has never been so SMART!

Comelit is constantly committed to being at your side, always!

This translates into continuous support throughout all stages of your experience, from purchase to creating a system and much more. Comelit strives to guarantee security and reliability by offering high-performance and innovative products which are also simple and intuitive.

This is why video surveillance is evolving, and doing so in a SMART way!

The IP and analogue video cameras and the video recorders in the SMART series are now increasingly offering a response to requirements such as: easy usage, quick installation and precise, detailed protection of people and possessions. All while keeping a close eye on cost.

Our focus on respecting your privacy

Comelit is always sensitive to and aware of standards regarding the processing and privacy of data and personal identities (GDPR and Privacy Guarantee legislation). Our focus is to ensure the utmost security, without ever reaching beyond the boundaries of your privacy. How? Filming devices check permitted perimeters, obscuring the zones which should not be shown, and their presence is always indicated by visible and early signs.

With Comelit, protection means safeguarding people and possessions, but also respecting your privacy!


The jewel in the crown of the SMART series is the integrated video analysis function. This features an algorithm (Human Body Detection) which detects the movement of a human body and distinguishes it from movement generated by any other figure or atmospheric event. This significantly increases the reliability of the devices while eliminating false alarms.

Four functions can be set for alarm activation:
line cross detection the user can draw virtual lines and, if a person crosses them, the alarm will be triggered
intrusion detection the user can select an entire area to be monitored
people gather detection the user can set a maximum occupation percentage for the area selected previously, to prevent crowding
loiter detection a maximum occupation time can be set for the selected area

Video surveillance is becoming even more intelligent and focused!



A more modern and professional design makes the graphic interface simple and intuitive.


In addition to an SD Card slot (max. 512 Gb) the IP cameras have a built-in 4Gb memory for storing videos as well as scheduled-time and on-event images.


Through the Comelit Cloud, all XVRs and NVRs update their firmware automatically. Updating can also take place via the Comelit View Smart App.


All XVRs and NVRs are equipped with professional hard disks, designed for video surveillance with continuous recording 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Continuous protection for the loved ones or possessions you want to keep safe, even from afar!

With COMELIT VIEW SMART APP, available to download free of charge from the App Store and Google Play, you can manage your video surveillance system directly from your tablet or smartphone.

Some of the functions include:
– push notifications on event
– firmware updating
– live streaming and playback of recordings

and much, much more…


Products in the SMART series can be applied in a variety of contexts, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

Comelit offers the product range most suited to guaranteeing reliable security through solutions that are easy to use and quick to install!

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